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Bottled Water Filling Production Line Process

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Thebottles are fed from air conveyor into the filling machine’s washing part bystar wheel. The rotary wheel of rinser is equipped with bottle clamps. Thebottle clamps grip bottle mouth and make a 180o turn along the guide rail tomake the bottle mouth downward. In the particular area of rinser, the rinsingwater will be jetted out from nozzles on bottle clamp to flush the bottleinside wall. After rising and dripping, bottle will turn 180o along guide railby bottle clamp to make bottle mouth toward the top. Clean bottles aredischarged out of the rinser by star wheel, and transported to the filler.After entering into the filler, bottles will be seized by the bottle neck plateand rise in the effect of cam mechanism. Then the bottle mouth will jack to openthe filling valve. It adopts gravity filling principle. When opening thefilling valves, the liquid material will pass through the filling valve tocomplete the filling process. After filling, the bottle will falls down andleaves the filling valves. Then bottles are transferred into the capper by a neck handling star wheel. Anti-rotation device on capper will stuck the neck of bottle to prevent it from rotation andkeep the bottle upright. The capping heads will keep revolution and rotation. Underthe control of cam mechanism to finish whole capping process of cap picking, placing, twisting and dropping.The finished bottles will be transported from capping machine onto the conveyorbelt by star wheel, then bottles will be sent out of the filling mono-block.

The bottled water filling production line is suitable forthe pure water, mineral water, mountain spring and other liquid with goodliquidity filling production line. The line is high automation, high fillingaccuracy, high production efficiency, easy to operate, saving theworkers, long service life and many other characteristics. The machine adoptsthe automated technology, advanced PLC and touch screen control technology, parametriccontrol of production, easy operation, made by anti-corrosive stainless steel,easy to clean and disinfect. It meets the regulations and requirements of foodmachinery and food sanitation.

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